GroupMobile is dedicated to our customer satisfaction above all else. Our philosophy and attention to detail is what sets us apart from other rugged tech providers. Below is a summary of what makes us different.

Highly Responsive

One of our company objectives is to always respond to our customer requests immediately. It doesn't matter if you are a prospective customer or an existing customer. We will always pick up our phones, return emails and voice mails, respond to requests for quotes, and answer all questions as fast as we possibly can.

Highly Knowledgeable

We know our products inside and out. And, we probably know your industry well too as we help many field and vehicle-based customers every day. We are non-biased regarding the brands we sell. Our bias is towards the customer and making sure you obtain the best products for your specific needs.

Easy to do Business With

Another company decree is to be flexible and easy to work with. One of our unique advantages as a smaller company is our willingness and ability to meet your requests, even if they are "outside the norm". One of our favorite expressions is "OK folks, let's bend our knees. We need to be flexible to meet our customer's requirements."

Efficient, Accurate and Speedy Order Process

All orders must get accurately processed within two hours…that is our rule. Sometimes our suppliers can take days or weeks to deliver your products, but we can guarantee there will be no hold up on our end. We stay on top of our orders to make sure they go out as soon as possible.

Great Prices

You want to do business with a solid, high-quality company, but you also want to get a good price. Fortunately, our total volume is large enough that we receive the best possible pricing from our suppliers, which we can pass along to our customers.

One Satisfied Customer at a Time

A successful business is built one satisfied customer at a time. GroupMobile offers the best products, the best prices, the best delivery and the best customer service. We want every single customer to be a delighted customer that will revisit us time and time again. We hope you will allow us to meet or exceed your expectations and prove ourselves to you as the best supplier you have ever had.