Genetec AutoVu - License Plate Recognition (LPR) Solution


Genetec AutoVu

Genetec's AutoVu allows your officers to automatically capture license plate numbers to enforce parking permits or time-limited zone rules and to conduct lot inventories. The AutoVu system captures license plate characters, vehicle images, time stamps and GPS coordinates, decreasing the number of parking ticket disputes and increasing compliance.

AutoVu allows parking-enforcement officers to enforce time-limit regulations without leaving their vehicle. With specialized LPR cameras, the system automatically reads surrounding vehicle plates, compares them to a database and alerts parking enforcement staff when they need to take action.

If you are interested in License Plate Recognition (LPR) Solutions please contact us. We have many different options and can work with you to determine the best solution for your needs.

License Plate Recognition (LPR) Solutions

ALPR AutoVu System

Whether you’re looking to amplify your security, maximize your parking efficiency, or empower your law-enforcement officers, Genetec’s AutoVu ALPR system significantly streamlines processes—so much so, you can locate wanted license plates even when you’re not searching.  Impressive?  Yes.  But that’s not all.  Designed for fixed or mobile applications, the system can be used to:

1. Simplify parking management, improve enforcement productivity and boost parking compliance.
2. Enforce all parking rules simultaneously by seamlessly incorporating a broad network of interconnected payment and parking-enforcement systems.
3. Manage all hotlists from one system, including allowing you to choose whether or not to share hits with outside organizations.
4. Extend the boundaries of your security system to lots previously unprotected.
5. Reduce administrative and operational costs.
6. Improve overall (paying) customer experience. (Scofflaws will obviously experience a marked decline in satisfaction.)

Solidify your organization’s “green” reputation by reducing greenhouse emissions (a gateless option eliminates idling at entry and exit gates).

Coupled with our design, installation, integration and support expertise, state and local governments, law enforcement, and colleges and universities can quickly reap the tangible benefits of this premier ALPR solution.

Extend your boundaries

Automatically identify and track vehicles accessing your facilities. Unified with video surveillance and access control through Security Center, the AutoVu system expands the reach of your security platform to the edge of your facilities for a more comprehensive security approach.

Gain insight beyond ALPR

AutoVu ALPR reads are augmented with context images, time stamps, GPS coordinates, and can include wheel images for strict time-limited parking enforcement: contextual data that helps resolve investigations faster and reduce ticketing disputes.

End-to-end security

AutoVu data is protected end-to-end with our patented universal identity management and service delivery platform MobiNET, for military-grade user authentication and security.