Best Fully Rugged Laptops of 2016

Rugged laptops are built for much more than just surviving stress tests, these purpose-built durable laptops are equipped to survive the roughest and harshest of environments. The following list of best selling fully rugged laptops will offer many custom features not found on consumer laptops today. You might be wondering what factors play in determining a laptop is rugged or not, here are some of the advanced features only found in ruggedized PC’s: Water Resistance — a measure in performance ability of a rugged laptop upon exposure to different moisture and water levels. Shock Resistance — a drop surface defined as a plywood 2-inch thick over a steel plate – drop distance is 36 inches. After every drop, laptops are inspected and a function check is performed after each drop. Temperature Resistance — from extreme heat to arctic conditions these fully rugged laptops will perform without hesitation. Vibration Resistance — fully rugged laptops are regularly used around other equipment and in vehicles, therefore, they are capable of standing up to continuous vibration. Spills and Dust — the ports and modules on fully rugged laptops are all sealed behind hinged door or flaps, and the keyboards are sealed by a membrane that’s fully waterproof.