Best Rugged Handhelds of 2016

Why buy a rugged handheld computer and not a consumer-grade device?  The most important factor is overall cost! Getting total cost of ownership (TCO) as low as possible requires organizations to deploy devices that will lead to maximum reliability and productivity in their work environment. Consumer-grade devices often don’t last a year when deployed to support mobile operations, resulting in extremely high failure rates, not to mention large repair, maintenance, and replacement costs. At the other end, ruggedized mobile computers routinely last four years or more even in challenging industrial environments. Rugged handheld computers and rugged PDAs are tough tools for the job. They offer a combination of high performance and strength to to handle the most demanding field applications and environments  


Rugged handheld computers help users collect accurate field data and work more productively. Field service, public safety, retail, production and distribution, enterprise, and manufacturing are all work environments that will reap many benefits by implementing rugged handhelds into the hands of their crew.


You might be wondering where to start when selecting a rugged handheld for your organization. That's exactly why we have created this list of the best fully rugged handheld computers of 2016!