Vehicle mounts can enable you to customize your fit and ergonomics to ensure you have the laptop or tablet in your vehicle when and where you need it. The right computer stand for mobile workers is one that securely mounts to the vehicle, provides flexibility for both passenger and driver to access the computer, and allows for the computer to be removed, if needed, to take on the job. A laptop or tablet mount for mobile workers should also be custom-built for the type and size of computer it will hold, to ensure a solid fit. If you’re a mobile professional and you frequently find yourself on your computer while in the driver’s seat, a vehicle mount, which includes a universal laptop tray, is a good option for holding your device inside your vehicle. Another great benefit to mounting your laptop in your vehicle is that you get a stronger GPS signal when integrating a GPS antenna. Group Mobile offers a large assortment of mounting hardware, and accessories.

  1. RAM No-Drill Vehicle Mount Solutions

    RAM No-Drill Vehicle Mount Solutions

    The RAM No-Drill Laptop Stand System can be installed quickly and easily into most vehicles contact us to find the right fit for your vehicle. 

    If you are interested in RAM No-Drill vehicle Laptop mounts, please contact us. We have many different options and can work with you to determine the best solution for your seat configuration.

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