Training Service

End-user and back-office training is critical to the success of your project. Many companies make big investments in technology only to see the payback reduced because users are not properly trained on the operation of the equipment. Likewise, the back-office staff needs to be educated on, not only the use of the system, but also the elements necessary to realize the projected benefits. For instance, if the new system is justified to increase worker productivity, then the management team needs to understand how to use the system to accomplish that objective. GroupMobile Training Service focuses on just that — return on your investment.

Our services include:

Curriculum Development
GroupMobile’s courses are developed to educate end users on full system operation. We offer sections on frequently asked questions and teach users how to get support. We also offer addition training topics for back-office staff.
On-Site Training
GroupMobile’s trainers come to your location and train your end users at convenient times and locations. The training we provide is hands on. We teach your users section-by-section, with samples for practice. We offer individual attention — our classes typically have two trainers — lead trainer and rover.
Web-Based Training
GroupMobile utilizes web-based training for end-user and back-office staff. This allows for decentralized instruction since users are not required to be in the same location. Our webinars offer live instruction with question and answer sessions. Webinars can also be recorded, so they can be reviewed later, or viewed by someone not able to attend the live webinar.
Self-Paced Training
Recorded curriculum instruction with integrated assessment can be taken at any time, from any location. Data from assessments can be gathered for analysis and refinement.
Remedial Training
GroupMobile offers on-site, web-based, or self-paced instruction for updates and releases.