Wireless Activation

When you order a mobile computer with an integrated wireless modem, it is important it arrives pre-activated and ready for use on wireless wide area network (cellular). If no activation is completed before the units are received, you’re faced with activating each unit before it is sent out into the field. This can tie up valuable resources, in turn costing you money. At GroupMobile, we will pre-activate and test each unit prior to shipment, saving you time and money.

Our services include:

GroupMobile will add a wireless modem to each unit for the chosen network, plus add the required SIM card if needed.
The network provider will be contacted with modem serial number information, and activation for wireless usage with the network provider will be implemented.
In case the modem needs to be reset or tested, our asset management database is updated with all network information.
Each individual modem is fully tested to ensure proper operation on the network.
Just in case units are lost or stolen, we will disconnect devices from the network to ensure absolute security.