Getac S410 G3 - Semi-Rugged Laptop


Raising the bar on the semi-rugged notebook class, the new S410 is more rugged, slimmer and lighter than ever before.

The Getac S410 is a semi-rugged notebook designed to withstand the rigorous daily routine of today’s mobile professionals, including public safety officers, insurance adjustors, engineers and field service professionals. The Getac S410 semi-rugged notebook offers the highest levels of performance, flexibility, security, and durability in a form factor that is extremely thin and light.

Purpose Built Configuration

The S410’s no-compromise set of integrated features, configurable options and complete accessory ecosystem provide you with a truly “purpose-built” tool for more successful implementations.

Sunlight Readable Display.

The S410 semi-rugged laptop offers an advanced, Lumibond 2.0 multi-touch display with up to 1000 NITs of brightness. By bonding tempered glass with the touch panel and LCD, we’ve created a single pane with amazing durabilty, readability and responsiveness .

Extreme Temperature Range

Being able to work in any environment is critical, even freezing cold or extreme heat. The S410 is certified to perform when you need it, even in temperatures as cold as -5.8ºF and as hot as 140ºF.

Speed for Multi-Tasking

Intel 8th generation Core i7 and i5 processors give the 2nd generation S410 best-in-class performance for data-intensive multi-tasking. This latest generation offers faster boot up and faster performance while using less power.

If you are interested in different configurations, please contact us. We have many different options and can work with you to determine the best solution for your needs.

Model S410 G3 Basic
Processor Intel Core i5 8265U - 1.60 GHz
Display Sunlight Readable LCD Touchscreen
Memory 8GB RAM
Storage 256GB SSD
Wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 64-Bit
Warranty 3 Year Bumper to Bumper Warranty
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