Getac Z710 Accessories

The Android-powered Getac Z710 rugged tablet is compact and powerful. It allows users the flexibility to work in nearly any environment. It is engineered to be protected against drops, shocks, spills, and vibration. The Getac Z710 is ideal for data collection, data entry, PDF viewing, GPS tracking, and much more.

  1. Getac ZX70 & Z710 USB to RS-232 Conversion Cable

    Purchase a USB to RS-232 Conversion Cable for your Getac Z710 tablet.

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  2. Getac ZX70 & Z710 Wrist Strap

    The wrist strap is designed to help the user avoid accidentally dropping the Getac Z710 tablet.

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  3. Getac ZX70 & Z710 Shoulder Strap

    Purchase a strap that attaches to your Getac Z710 tablet and allows you to carry it from either your neck or your shoulder.

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  4. Getac 24W AC Adapter Set

    Purchase additional AC Adapter Set with US/EU/UK/CHN/ANZ plugs for your Getac Z710, ZX70, EX80 & PS336 rugged computers so you can keep one at home and one at the office.

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  5. Getac ZX70 & T800 Deluxe Soft Carry Bag

    Purchase a Deluxe Soft Carry Bag for your Getac T800 or ZX70  to help protect your computer and for storing your computer accessories when you are on the go.

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  6. Getac ZX70 Rotating Hand Strap

    The Getac ZX70 rotating hand strap is designed to help users have an optimal experience while using their rugged tablet. The hand strap includes a kick stand and a stylus holder.

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  7. Getac ZX70 Spare Capacitive Stylus and Tether

    This stylus is the approved method of activating the touch screen display on the Getac ZX70 rugged Android tablet computer.

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  8. Getac ZX70 Touchscreen Protector Film

    The Getac ZX70 touchscreen protector film provides extra protection from scratches and damage that may occur to your screen from everyday use and dust. This film uses anti-glare and anti-reflective technology for great visibility no matter where you use your rugged computer. Generally, you should replace your protector film every few weeks or months.

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  9. Getac ZX70 Office Docking Station

    Easily dock and connect your Getac ZX70 rugged Android tablet to your office peripherals. The Office Dock is a 'pass-through' device that provides drop-in convenience with no cables to attach or detach from your tablet computer plus a universal adapter in conjunction with the appropriate AC power cord allows you to plug your ZX70 into any available AC power outlet to power the unit and to charge its batteries. Purchase one for your home and office. This office dock offers a Pogo pin connector with USB Host, audio output, LAN, and power supply.

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