L-Tron Area-Imaging Scanners


2D Imaging Scanner which reads driver's license barcodes and captures images and signatures. Ideal for e-citation applications, accident/incident reporting and electronic ticketing applications.  

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L-Tron 4910LR Next Gen Area-Imaging Scanner

Image capture, signature capture, and omnidirectional reading of linear, AAMVA PDF-417, MicroPDF417 and most 2D barcode symbologies.

Features highly visible green LED aimer and red LED backlight.

Class-leading image quality and image transfer speed provide crisp images in less than one second.

Built to last in a compact, durable form factor with sealed membrane switch, hard pinned cable connection and no moving parts.

Custom imaging firmware compatible with TraCS 7.x and 10.x. Compatible with other e-citation and accident reporting packages via COM port emulation, keyboard emulation or HID communication mode.

Safe and secure mounting with spring-retained microphone mounting clip and hanger.

L-Tron Area-Imaging Scanners Include:

Microphone style megapixel imager

Microphone style mount

TraCS-compatible imaging firmware

9.5 ft Coiled USB Interface Cable

Native USB-com port emulation drivers

Microphone hang up clip