Battery Management Services

Replacing batteries in mobile computers can become very expensive. Battery costs and downtime eat away at your total cost of ownership throughout the life of your mobile computing implementation. To help you control this expense, GroupMobile has developed the iCare™ Battery Management service to cover the cost of replacement batteries throughout the life of your mobile equipment.

The service includes:

Power Management
Using Mobile Device Management software loaded on the unit, GroupMobile iCare™ remotely monitors power capacity on the battery and automatically sends out a replacement battery when capacity falls below 60%.
Mobile Device Management
In order to take advantage of this program the iCare™ Mobile Device Management (MDM) option must be purchased. This option allows GroupMobile to monitor and control power management functions in each device with periodic conditioning and deep-cycling features.
Predictable Battery costs
Purchasing the iCare™ Battery Management Service upfront means your expense budget are not impacted down the road.
Cost Savings
The cost of new batteries is locked in upfront, eliminating the possibility of price increases later on.