Client Services Account Management

At GroupMobile, we believe in personalized service. We understand the frustrations involved with contacting vendors for help, only to get someone new who doesn’t know you or your systems. In turn, you end up re-explaining the details over and over again. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a single point of contact for your account who knows you, your team, systems, and your needs? That is why at GroupMobile, we assign a Client Service Account Manager (CSAM) to operate as your single point of contact for any and all issues from order status, general inquiries, to issue resolution.

This service includes:

Personalized Service
We will assign a Client Service Account Manager (CSAM) to your account who will become deeply familiar with you and your systems.
Intimate Knowledge
Our CSAM will be fully trained on each of your systems. They will know you and your team, becoming part of your support organization.
Logging and Tracking
All reported issues will be logged and compiled into a database of resolutions.
Battery Management
Battery capacity can be monitored remotely to enable quick replacement when capacity falls below an acceptable level.
Proactive Reporting
Our CSAM will review and research issues for a proactive resolution, working with your support and management teams to successfully implement change. They will conduct regular monthly reviews and quarterly on-site meetings to ensure satisfactory service.
Customer Alerts
Our team will work issues aggressively until problems are resolved, taking immediate action for major issues and assembling a customer alert task force with vendor representatives. Daily meetings will be conducted until all problems are resolved.