Mobile Device Management

Using mobile computing devices is inherently risky. It’s not unusual for a mobile worker to lose track of a device or get it stolen during the workday. When this occurs, you not only incur the expense of replacing the device, but you also leave your corporate data vulnerable to thieves. GroupMobile can help prevent this from occurring with the iCare™ Mobile Device Management Service.

This service includes:

Mobile Device Management Software
Each device is loaded with a Mobile Device Management (MDM) client prior to shipping. The client software is initialized and tested to ensure communications to the back-office server. The server component can reside at the customers site or be hosted by GroupMobile for an additional fee.
Using the MDM software, GroupMobile will track the unit throughout its useful life. In cases where a unit is reported lost or stolen, it can be tracked and located.
Remote Software Management
Applications and OS updates can be pushed remotely to each device. Updates can be distributed to the entire list of devices, or be segmented by device type, location, workgroup, or serial number.
Battery Management
Battery capacity can be monitored remotely to enable quick replacement when capacity falls below an acceptable level.
Remote Control
In cases where users need assistance, control of the unit can be taken over remotely for troubleshooting and problem resolution.
Historical Data Collection
The MDM software logs activity as the device is used. The data log can be accessed for analysis that may require additional training or software updates.
Multiple OS Support
MDM services are available on Windows, Android, and iOS devices.