Technology as a Service

GroupMobile’s Technology as a Service provides your business with the ability to implement a complete end-to-end managed technology solution without spending upfront capital on hardware that requires regular maintenance and management. The cost of support and maintenance of a given platform typically represents a cradle-to-grave expense exceeding the cost of the hardware by several times. In today’s world, businesses are paying more attention than ever to cost-cutting measures by controlling asset expenses. With GroupMobile’s iCare Technology as a Service solution, we will give you a real-world assessment of the actual expenses involved in purchasing, deploying, maintaining, and refreshing your complete lifecycle technology solution.

With iCare Technology as a Service, you pay for the monthly technology subscription and we take care of the rest. Free up your cash flow by removing upfront costs, providing for more working capital inside your organization. Say goodbye to hardware obsolescence, eliminate hardware allocation, and easily upgrade to the latest state-of-the-art technology. Stop paying those giant upfront fees for mobile hardware, and get all the functionality you need at a more manageable and predictable cost.