Asset Staging & Tracking

Replacing lost or stolen mobile computers can be a costly issue. It’s easy to lose track of rugged computing equipment since it’s deployed in a mobile environment and travels from location to location throughout the day. Replacing these assets can cost well over $1,000 per device and wastes valuable time. By purchasing iCareTM Asset Management Services from GroupMobile, you will prevent this from happening. From the day the equipment is deployed and placed into service, to the day you retire the equipment from operations, GroupMobile iCare™ will keep track of your mobile equipment.

This program includes:

Prior to deployment, all of your mobile computers are shipped to GroupMobile’s warehouse where they are inspected, logged into inventory, and stored in a secure location until the date of deployment.
Asset Tracking
Each unit is unpacked, inspected for damage, charged, and scanned for birth record creation. The units are loaded with mobile device management software for tracking throughout their useful life.
Asset Tagging
An asset tag is applied to each device per customer requirements. This may include the customer’s logo, if-found-return information, asset serial number, barcodes, and any specifics required by customer policy.
Once the battery has been fully charged, the unit is returned to the original packaging in preparation for distribution to customer locations. For an additional fee, other peripheral devices (i.e. scanners, printers, and docks) can be included, tested, and tracked with the mobile computer to be shipped as a kit.
Per the customer deployment schedule, units are combined and shipped to locations for deployment. Required shipping labels, denoting lithium batteries, are then affixed to the outside of the package. The cost for ground shipping will be covered by GroupMobile under this service program.
Asset Life Cycle Management
As units are deployed and put into service, they are tracked using GroupMobile’s Mobile Device Management tracking application (when this option is purchased).
A variety of asset management reporting will be provided to the customer including location information, disposition (active/inactive), transitions (if returned for repair or transferred to another location), health, and capital cost data.
As units are retired from service, they are returned to GroupMobile for recycling and proper disposal. The asset is flagged as retired within the GroupMobile iCare™ Asset Tracking System. Return shipping is covered by the customer.