Solution Architecture Service

Architecting a mobile computing solution is a complex task. Many elements need to be considered and intricately designed to work harmoniously, including the mobile computing platform (i.e. tablet, laptop, handheld), software, middleware, wireless networks, and peripheral components such as docks, printers, and scanners. To ensure a successful implementation, you can rely on GroupMobile’s experienced team who knows the windy road when it comes to integrating these complex components. GroupMobile has been providing mobile computing solutions for over 10 years — we know exactly what it takes for success.

Our solutions architecture services include:

Our technology specialists will come to your location to study and understand your operations, gather information on current needs, and meet with management on future requirements and goals. We will fully document our findings for management’s review in order to ensure we are "on the same page" and accurate with our information gathering.
Solution Design
Our team will research and propose options for customer considerations to determine the best solution for each organization.
During the final implementation, Alpha test design in laboratory environments will take place to improve the quality of the product and ensure readiness. We will work with the customer’s project team to implement beta site monitoring and adjust accordingly throughout beta site operations, integrating customer input on the complete solution, ensuring release readiness, and  fully documenting the final solution requirements.