Enhance your computer with office and multimedia suites, security and utilities programs, general business software, GPS and mapping applications, tablet PC software, and more.
To provide our customers with a total mobile computing solution, Group Mobile has relationships with select Strategic Software Solutions Partners whose software and services complement our rugged mobile computing products.

Our Recommendations

  1. MobiKEY: Secure Remote Access Solution

    MobiKEY: Secure Remote Access Solution

    Say Goodbye To Outdated VPN’s And Hello To MobiKEY!

    The secure remote access solution that delivers your office desktop wherever you are!

    What is MobiKEY?

    MobiKEY turns any personal laptop or tablet into your office computer, users can safely and securely connect to their office workstation from any device, anywhere in the world, even on public Wi-Fi. Join the tens of thousands of users who trust MobiKEY to deliver their desktop through the cloud, such as The Department of Defence, US & Canadian Governments, Universities, Healthcare Providers, Financial Institutions, Municipalities, Colleges and many more!

    Gain access to all your programs, files, folders and applications!

    MobiKEY enables Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs by allowing personnel to use their mobile device of choice, enhancing security, as well as reducing hardware, maintenance, and support costs.

    Your internal IT department is never required to support MobiKEY; we have you covered with our 24/7 helpdesk.

    Get started and start working from anywhere, it’s a big world out there!

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