Vehicle Docking Stations and Vehicle Mounts

Docking Station

A docking station is a hardware frame and set of electrical connection interfaces that enable a notebook computer to effectively serve as a desktop computer. The interfaces typically allow the notebook to communicate with a local printer, larger storage or backup drives, and possibly other devices that are not usually taken along with a notebook computer. A docking station can also include a network interface card that attaches the notebook to a local area network. Variations include the port replicator, which is an attachment on a notebook computer that expands the number of ports it can use, and the expansion base, which might hold a media drive, a floppy disk drive, and a battery charging station.

Vehicle Cradle

A vehicle cradle is a docking station designed specifically for vehicles. The cradle may or may not provide additional ports, but almost always provides an AC to DC power conversion capability. This enables the computer to utilize the vehicle's battery as the power source while the computer is docked in the cradle. The cradle also provides an easier way to mount the computer in the vehicle.

Vehicle Mount

Mounting gear allows the computer, with or without a vehicle cradle, to be solidly mounted in a vehicle. There is a great deal of diversity and options to consider when choosing the type of mounting equipment; it is dependant on the type of vehicle (car, truck, delivery van, semi tractor-trailer, snowmobile, tractor, forklift, etc.), and the desired position of the mount (floor mount, hump mount, dash mount, etc.). Some mounts are designed for laptops, some for tablets, and others for handhelds. Also, mounts can be purchased that accommodate a computer and a mobile printer, or a computer and a GPS device, for example.

Vehicle mounts are generally specialized around two primary criteria. The first criteria: What vehicle is the computer going to be mounted in or on? This includes specific make, model and year such as "a 1998 Ford F-150 Pick-up Truck" or "a Nissan TNX 35 Forklift". The second criteria: Where in or on the vehicle is the computer to be mounted? For example this could be "on the dashboard" or "on the floorboard" or "on the console between the bucket seats".

Group Mobile Comment: Another issue is, of course, quality. A cheap mount can actually cause injury or death if it comes loose in an accident or collision and the computer flies around the cabin like a projectile.

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