Refurbished Rugged Computers

Factory-refurbished rugged computers are an excellent value and definitely worth consideration. In most cases, refurbished units actually have little to no operating hours. They are computers that were previously used as demo units for larger customers, or returns that have been processed by an authorized technician. Refurbished products are 100% functional and have passed OEM diagnostic testing. They should be complete with all cords, accessories, and operating system, unless otherwise noted. They are cosmetically in excellent condition, with normal wear and tear based on age and use of product. They may have minor case scratches.

Warranties on refurbished computers are reduced to 90 days, however in many cases extended warranties are available to further protect your investment. For most customers, the overall savings experienced with refurbished inventory far outweighs the limited warranty. Other limitations to note are a lack of operating system restore DVDs and the inability to retrofit refurbished units with some integrated options such as a GPS module or fingerprint scanner.

Group Mobile offers refurbished units from various manufacturers. Prices typically start at $1,500, and depend on integrated features and age of the computer.

We encourage you to contact us toll-free at 866-RUGGED-8 (866-784-4338) for a complete list of available products and prices as they change daily. As always, we will do our best to find a rugged computing solution to satisfy your needs.