Non-Rugged, Commercial Plastic Tablet PCs

A Tablet PC is different from a laptop in two primary ways. One, it does not have a built-in keyboard…it always has a touch screen display for input and moving the cursor. Secondly, a tablet PC does not have a built-in media drive such as a floppy, CD or DVD drive. Tablet PCs are designed to be lightweight and carried in one hand. They are thus easier to use and handle than a laptop which normally requires a surface to set the computer down while in use.

Even though Tablets do not have keyboards (the exception is a “convertible tablet”), and do not have a media drive, these items are offered as external devices usually connected through a USB (Universal Serial Bus) port.

These days, the touch screen in a tablet is either a passive, finger-touch activated touch screen or an active, digitizer, stylus-only activated touch screen. The active touch screen tablets allow for saving handwritten notes on a document, signature capture and even handwriting recognition (converting handwritten words and numbers to digital data, i.e. bits and bytes). Some Tablet PCs offer a “dual-mode” display which includes both types of touchscreen and allows the user to toggle between each type.

Group Mobile Comment: Non-Rugged, Commercial Plastic Tablet PCs are designed for the office worker/corridor warrior who goes from cube-to cube, office-to-office, meeting room-to-meeting room and takes notes. They are able to take the place of a pen and notepad. Group Mobile does not offer commercial, plastic Tablet PCs.

Rugged Tablet PCs

rugged Tablet PC has a magnesium case, a shock-mounted hard disk drive and is sealed against the outside elements. There are also other shock-absorbing and vibration-mitigating design features inside the rugged tablet which allow the computer to withstand drops on to hard surfaces and mobile use over bumpy roads or even off-road driving. The sealing allows the rugged tablet PC to be used outdoors and/or in any dusty, dirty, wet, extremely hot or extremely cold environment. Daylight-Viewable display screens either come standard or are available as an upgrade option.

Rugged Tablet PCs are designed for those who work in the factory, warehouse or in the field and are often used for data collection activities or the completion of forms. The primary value of a rugged tablet is that the data is collected or the forms completed once, and the information does not have to be entered or re-keyed into an office computer. This saves time and eliminates transcription errors. Signature capture is another popular usage, particularly for service or delivery workers who need to capture the customers’ or package recipients’ signatures.

Group Mobile Comment: Some of the rugged tablet PCs on the market are known as “convertibles”. These mobile computers can convert from a rugged tablet PC to a rugged laptop by using a swivel mechanism. The conversion to a laptop means the user has access to a full built-in keyboard.

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