Advance Exchange

The GroupMobile iCare™ Advance Exchange Service supports maximum uptime productivity with the rapid response of overnight replacement. When a device fails, you simply place a call or log a service ticket to our help desk to request a replacement unit. A replacement unit is pulled from your spare stock, pre-configured to your specifications, and delivered overnight for 8:00 a.m. delivery (where available).

This program is available in 3-, 4-, and 5-year terms and includes the following features:

Spares Management
GroupMobile iCare™ purchases, stocks, and manages spare units in a central location at our service center facility. These units become your assets and belong to you so there’s no need to transfer ownership. All spares are maintained and managed in a secure area, separate from other service functions, with controlled access and entry.
Power Management
GroupMobile iCare™ makes certain batteries in spare units are fully charged by cycling through and topping off the charge of each spare battery on a weekly basis. We can also charge spare batteries for cases where the only problem is a low battery that needs to be shipped overnight for replacement.
The iCare™ Advance Exchange unit is pre-loaded with your current master image and maintained with updates throughout its life. We periodically connect each spare device to the network and follow the procedures you require to keep the software current.
Easy Returns
A pre-paid shipping label is included when you receive your device, so the non-functioning unit can be returned in the same box. No need to keep or hunt for original packing materials or fill out a return shipper.
Once a returned unit is repaired, the current image is loaded onto the unit, the battery is recharged or replaced, and the unit is returned to your spares pool where it is ready for the next request.
Peripherals Management
In addition to the mobile computer, we can handle spares and batteries for peripheral components such as docks, scanners, and printers under the iCare™ Advance Exchange Service.
On a monthly basis we will provide an asset management report on the disposition of your spares pool, and all activity that has taken place during the past month.