Disk Imaging

Loading each device with applications and configuring each unit for end-users in the field is a lengthy process and can delay your project and tie up valuable resources. GroupMobile is well equipped to handle this process for you, allowing for a much faster implementation of devices into the field. At GroupMobile, our service center is prepared to load your master disk image onto each device, activate licenses, and manage basic setup processes as required.

Our services include:

Master Disk Development
Our Solutions Architects will work with you to develop a master disk image. A single device will be loaded and provided to your IT organization for certification.
Your stock of units will be delivered to our service center, unpacked and loaded with the master image, and warehoused until ready for deployment.
Our service center will activate software licenses on each device and configure equipment with basic configurations and end-user requirements.
Each unit will be tested prior to shipment, ensuring equipment is ready for a seamless integration into the field.
We will assemble and repackage equipment ready to ship and distribute to end-user locations for deployment.