Vehicle Installation Service

Every year accidents occur in which a vehicle computer is not properly mounted, resulting in the unit interfering with airbag performance, or dislodging and becoming a dangerous flying object. You cannot afford to let this happen! GroupMobile has certified vehicle equipment installers located throughout the country to ensure proper installation of all vehicle equipment.

Our services include:

Equipment Installation Design
Our equipment installation design team is familiar with hundreds of vehicle types. We know the best way to properly install mounts, docks, and power. We will work with you to create the ideal mounting solution for your vehicle.
Vendor Docking Solutions
GroupMobile works with all of the major computer hardware vendors to propose the proper docking solution for your computer equipment. Our specialists consider technology paths to help reduce the need to replace docks every time you change to a new model computer.
Optimized Ergonomics
For the mobile worker, ergonomic solutions primarily take the form of devices designed to properly position computers, peripherals, and other equipment to avoid the eye strain, night blindness, back strain, and wrist strain. Let GroupMobile utilize our years of experience to create a design optimized for in-vehicle use and rapid removal of your mobile computing equipment.
Power Management
GroupMobile will design a power solution to keep your mobile equipment charged without depleting vehicle power when not in use. We will ensure properly conditioned power to your equipment for optimized recharging results.
Safety Tested
GroupMobile’s mobile computer vehicle mounting solutions are in compliance with vehicle crash safety standards.