Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) Solutions


Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) captures a license plate image, transforms that image into alphanumeric characters using character recognition software, compares the plate number to license plate numbers in critical license plate number databases, and alerts law enforcement if problems arise.

ALPR for Law Enforcement

Law enforcement personnel need real-time data. ALPR technology gives them real-time data without the tedious manual process of researching license plate numbers. ALPR technology drastically improves efficiency and effectiveness for officers trying to identify vehicles of interest--a stolen car, an abandoned car, a vehicle associated with a robbery or child abduction.

ALPR technology helps law enforcement with investigative and interdiction activities. Law enforcement agencies can use ALPR technology with fixed or mobile equipment. With such advanced technology, you'll need rugged mobile computing devices that integrate smoothly, devices that better withstand hazards associated with law enforcement and public safety work.

ALPR for Airports

With the obvious need to increase security at airports, many are turning to ALPR technology to monitor who exactly enters airport property. ALPR security offers instant alerts and provides real-time data to those responsible for keeping airline passengers and personnel safe.

In addition to bolstering airport security, ALPR enhanced devices track and provide automatic inventory of available parking spots, helping customers get where they need to go with less time-consuming hassle.

ALPR for Healthcare Facilities

When it comes to medical treatment, seconds matter. ALPR technology can monitor available parking, alert and receive alerts from emergency personnel and law enforcement, and can communicate the presence of nefarious individuals and alert the right people.

With the right network and technology in place, ALPR provides a common operating platform for multiple sites or locations, giving medical personnel instant information on potential dangers and helping emergency personnel know the best location for their purposes.

ALPR for Traffic Solutions

ALPR doesn't have to always be about preventing crime. With a camera, illuminator, processor and modem integrated in a single rugged enclosure, traffic control can recognize plates at high speed, function with both single and double lane zones, automatically enforce traffic infractions, and reduce costs associated with toll-booth monitoring.

ALPR is perfect for spotting critical traffic safety issues, such as school zone infractions, school bus stop arm enforcement, passenger vehicle moving violations, and driving in prohibited lanes. ALPR technology helps with traffic flow analysis, making roads and highways safer.

ALPR for Property Managers

Property managers are entrusted with keeping tenants and their property safe. This important aspect of property management becomes easier with ALPR technology.The moment an unwelcomed visitor drives past a security camera, ALPR technology sends an alert.

No more need for security guards to undergo the tedious and inefficient task of manually recording each license plate number that passes. This allows security personnel to do their jobs more effectively. It also helps property managers monitor traffic flow and encourage community policing.

ALPR on Schools and Campuses

Students need to feel safe while at school. Large campuses often run like a city within a city. Most colleges and large school districts maintain their own police forces or partner with local law enforcement to maintain safety. ALPR technology helps campus police and local law enforcement officers identify potential threats, such as sexual predators or vehicles not allowed on campus.

Without the need to track license plates, school security and campus monitors can be on campus, helping maintain order more efficiently.

Providing ALPR Solutions

 Automatic License Plate Readers are becoming more and more prevalent today. In one shift, an officer can manually check 50-100 license plates, with an ALPR system that number can skyrocket to somewhere around 5,000. ALPR is an invaluable tool for public safety professionals today — combat auto theft, collect revenue from nonpayment of fines, monitor known felons and other persons of interest and reduce profiling claims by checking every license plate. With the Cintel ALPR security and surveillance solution, Group Mobile can fit a variety of demanding applications with our initial consultation and design, installation and training, to specific systems and software, we provide a full suite of services to meet specific industry needs including those for public safety, parking and tolls, airports, school campuses, private businesses and residential communities. Contact one of our ALPR solution experts to explore how the Cintel ALPR Solution can help. Call toll-free 1-866-784-4338.