Commercial Fleet Video Solutions

Commercial Fleet

Complete digital video solutions for commercial fleets make articulate fleet monitoring possible. These systems can be installed in police and first responder fleets, public transportation bus systems, school buses, public light rail, trains, taxi fleets, armored vehicle fleets, corporate fleets. and commercial trucks.

Developing digital video and transmission systems in your fleet, along with appropriate software, makes a number of commercial applications possible. Complete cloud-based fleet management and monitoring systems deliver full analytics. Software that extracts data from the images and information received produces a full range of reports that help you monitor your fleets at micro and macro levels.

Video feeds from your fleet can be applied to: training, public relations, and marketing videos.

Data telemetry can make possible automated and auditable logs.

Ruggedized tablet PCs integrated into the vehicle can supply constant updates about the vehicle's condition and the cargo, giving drivers as well as fleet managers a whole range of options through the IoT. The telemetry system can interface directly with the engine computers in your vehicles to monitor critical data without driver input.

The data will support the fleet's compliance to Health, Safety, Quality and the Environment (HSQE) guidelines. Fleet data can be interfaced with the company management software to produce auditable forms that comply with government standards.

Many digital video and monitoring systems can operate through the internet and the cloud so that data can be available anywhere. Your fleet can be monitored through your smart phone or tablet and two-way systems can enable direct communication between managers, dispatchers and drivers.

Sophisticated dashboards can enable management to see the visual and non-visual feeds summarized over the entire fleet and to drill down to watch a single unit more closely.

GPS data can be integrated with video to provide a deep record of trip history with event recording through multiple camera sources. Continuously available location data across all units of the fleet, with two-way communication, can vastly improve logistics. Each vehicle can have a complete security system that maintains constant contact in real-time and through searchable records. The possibilities are nearly limitless.

Group Mobile provides commercial fleet and commercial fleet managers with the digital video tools needed to track assets in real-time and increase driver safety. Minimize your liability while operating a fleet by managing driver behavior including driver speed, red light running, and cell phone usage while driving. With the Digital Ally fleet management solution, Group Mobile will custom tailor a solution to meet your every requirement. Use the Digital Ally fleet management solution as a powerful mapping and reporting tool to optimize efficiency, generating a significant return on investment for your organization. Talk to one of our fleet management video experts to explore how the Digital Ally Video Solution can help. Call toll-free 1-866-784-4338.