Zebra Symbol CS4070 Companion Scanner


Zebra's Symbol CS4070 Companion Scanner is a pocket-sized, enterprise-grade, wireless barcode scanner. Bluetooth-enabled and lightning-fast, the CS4070 serves as the perfect companion for your workplace tablet.

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Featuring Zebra's exclusive PRZM Intelligent Imaging inside, the CS4070 takes wireless barcode scanning performance to a new level. With its enterprise-grade accuracy, the CS4070 consistently captures the right data the first time. With the CS4070, you can also capture barcodes on virtually any surface or media. While tablets and smartphones are limited by their consumer-grade cameras when performing wireless scans, the camera on the CS4070 is enterprise-grade and specifically designed for intensive, split-second scanning.

Unlike a tablet's consumer-grade scanner, the CS4070 does not require near-perfect barcode labels to consistently capture accurate data. Nor do you need to place the CS4070 in precisely the right position relative to the label to get a successful scan. With the CS4070 you can consistently capture barcodes on digital screens and paper labels alike, and at nearly any angle. The CS4070 can handle both 1D and 2D barcode labels in virtually any condition, and is often capable of capturing data from scraped, damaged, dirty or obscured labels.

Built with effortless point-and-shoot scanning in mind, the CS4070 also allows you to perform split-second scans at greater distances than other competitors in its class. Furthermore, with omnidirectional scanning, alignment between the scanner and the barcode is  unnecessary. Altogether, the CS4070 gives you the freedom to move naturally throughout your work environment as you quickly capture data.

Zebra has made pairing your Bluetooth-enabled CS4070 with a mobile device easy. Just press the dedicated Bluetooth pairing button to pair your CS4070 with any host that supports it, including the most popular mobile brands. The CS4070 features an MFI chip and Apple Certification, making it safe to use with Apple mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad. The CS4070 also works with Android and Windows mobile devices. To maintain compatibility with your applications, CS4070 supports both real-time mode and batch mode. As a result, users can always continue to scan, whether online or off.

With support for a wide variety of applications, the versatile CS4070 finds a fit in multiple work situations and industries. In retail, the CS4070 is a great fit for mobile POS and inventory. In the transportation and logistics industries, you can use the CS4070 for distributor order management as well end-to-end tracking and tracing. Finally, in field sales and service, CS4070 is a great fit for route accounting and many other tasks.

Designed with an eye on ergonomics, the CS4070 is light and small, naturally fitting into any size hand. It is also comfortable and easy to use. The CS4070 features grooves specifically designed to aid the hand in finding the most natural fit. Its trigger buttons were also designed for easy, all-day usage without fatigue. 

The hardy CS4070 was made to last. It has been tested with 500 tumbles from a height of 1.64 ft. (0.5 m), and repeated drops to concrete from 5 ft. (1.5 m)—maintaining reliable operation in both cases. Furthermore, the CS4070's scan button, as well as its scan button graphics, have been tested for more than one million presses. The CS4070 also has a field-replaceable battery capable of holding its charge for a full, 12-hour shift, with a LED low-battery indicator.

Zebra One Care Services (optional) covers your CS4070's normal wear-and-tear, as well as any accidental damage to your scanner and certain accessories that shipped with it. For your convenience, you can easily tailor your service plan's helpdesk hours and repair turnaround times to fit your schedule.

Overall, Zebra's CS4070 is a lightning-fast, enterprise-grade wireless barcode scanner that you can pair up with your workplace tablet for a faster, more productive workflow.